Free Things that You Can Do in Maui

As many people describe it, this is the most luxurious destination from Hawaii, the second biggest island from this archipelago. It has plenty of amazing beaches, and even if you will pay a small fortune to get there and find the perfect accommodations, there are also free things that you can do and enjoy your vacation. Let’s see what some of these things are:

The Road to Hana
Riding on this road, which is actually the Highway 360, will allow you to see the most beautiful views of the Maui’s coastline. The road will twist among a lush rainforest, which is amazing, and past the cascading waterfalls, which are mesmerizing. Located on the eastern shore, this road allows people to start from Kahului – the city that has the main airport, going to Hana – located 55 miles away. It’s not an easy road, so make sure you have some experience in driving, as it has plenty of hairpins turns, but the view is breathtaking.

The Kaanapali Beach
Located on the northwest coast of Maui, this beach is one of the most popular among tourists and locals. It offers more than enough space for surfing and sunbathing, but if you plan on taking a bath, make sure you’re a good swimmer – the currents can be pretty strong in that area. This beach area was the first choice in Hawaii for a planned resort, and now it has several restaurants and hotels, championship golf courses and even the famous Whalers Village shopping center in open-air.

The Wailea Beach
If you simply want to relax, this beach gives you the perfect opportunity. It’s a beach that caters for several resorts, it’s lined with palm trees and a nice walkway that connects the shoreline to the rest of the resorts – hotels, restaurants, and shops, and you also have the possibility to rent water sports equipment for snorkeling.

The Waianapanapa State Park
For those who don’t know, “Waianapanapa” actually means “glistening waters” and if you take a look at the photos with that park, you’ll see that the name fits perfectly. However, this place attracts its visitors through the black sand of the beaches. The color is black because the shoreline is made from volcanic sediments, making an extreme contrast with the lightly colored waters.

It’s on the road to Hana, and it allows you not just to take photos, but also to take hikes and enjoy the trails. You’ll get to freshwater caves, you’ll hear the guides telling you stories with princesses and love stories, you’ll be able to swim in the caves (if you dare) and visit ancient sites that line the trail you’ve chosen.

It’s an amazing place that has something to offer to everyone who chooses to come here.